英国留学生作业范文:Strategic Human Resource Management: British Petroleum

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William D’Arcy of Anglo-Persia Oil Company is the founding member of BP, in the year 1901. However, BP’s first retail gas station first ever opened in Britain in 1921. Through the years it has grown massively due to its brand reputation worldwide. It has since become a very powerful Oil company and enjoys a fair market share. Upon merging with Amoco- a USA Oil Company, in 1998, BP then rebranded its retail gas stations and convenient stores.
BP’s is into the extraction and refining of oil and natural gas. Their retail ventures are under subsidiaries of Arco and BP filling stations. Since the turn of the millennium, BP took into investing into research and development, focussing on alternative energy sources like bio fuels and so far it seems to be leading in this regard.
In 2009, BP was reported to be worth over $238 billion in assets with equity of $101.6 billion. With the ever increasing oil prices, their profits were reported to be nearly $21 billion in revenues of $291 billion. Today they have since gone beyond the above quoted amounts of 2007. They employ over 96, 000 people worldwide.
BP has a slogan statement that has not officially been says 英国石油公司有一个尚未正式宣布的口号声明
“What we stand for”“我们所代表的”
“BP wants to be recognised as a great company that is competitively successful and a force for progress. We have a fundamental belief that we can make a difference in the world.“英国石油公司希望被公认为一家具有竞争力的成功公司和进步的力量。我们有一个基本信念,那就是我们可以在世界上有所作为。
We help the world meet its growing need for heat, light and mobility. We strive to do that by producing energy that is affordable, secure and doesn’t damage the environment.”我们帮助世界满足其对热量、光照和移动性的日益增长的需求。我们努力通过生产负担得起、安全且不损害环境的能源来实现这一目标。”       
BP products include;BP产品包括
Bio fuels, Gas and petrol stations, Motor oil and lubricants 生物燃料、加油站和加油站、机油和润滑剂
Route and journey planner, Gas and petrol station locator 路线和行程规划器、加油站和加油站定位器
Target neutral – a non profit carbon offsetting initiative 目标中性——非盈利碳抵消计划
Liquefied petroleum Gas 液化石油气
Solar energy 太阳能
Business investments include;商业投资包括
Air BP, Arco Aluminium, Aromatics & Acetyls, Asphalt and bitumen,Air BP、Arco Aluminum、芳烃和乙炔、沥青
BP Crudes, Franchising, Shipping 特许经营、航运
Gas and fuel cards, gas and power energy, Natural Gas Liquids, Solar power 天然气和燃料卡,天然气和电力能源,天然气液体,太阳能
Industrial lubricants, Invoice tracking systems, Marine fuels and lubricants 工业润滑油、发票跟踪系统、船用燃料和润滑油
Organisational Structure 组织结构
This is the line of command in an organisation. It is a hierarchal structure that shows the composition and relation between the different departments within the organisation, showing clearly the channel of command, which may either, be a tall or flat kind of structure.
BP’s organisational structure BP的组织结构
Board of Directors 董事会
Executive Management 执行管理层

BP’s Executive Management (bp.com) includes;BP的执行管理层(BP.com)包括
Group Chief Executive 集团首席执行官
Dr Byron Grote – Chief Financial Officer 首席财务官
Refining and Marketing 炼油和营销首席执行官
Executive Vice President – Safety and Operational Risk 安全和运营风险执行副总裁
Group General Counsel 集团总法律顾问
Executive Vice President – Human Resource 人力资源执行副总裁
Executive Vice President – E&P – Production 执行副总裁–E&P–生产
Executive Vice President – Exploration 勘探执行副总裁
Executive Vice President, E&P- Strategy and Integration 执行副总裁,E&P–战略与整合
Executive vice President -Development 开发部执行副总裁
President BP America.BP美国公司总裁
Executive Vice President – Strategy and Integration 战略与整合执行副总裁