International Studies Essay格式范文:Motivation for International Strategic Alliances

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International Studies Essay格式范文-国际战略联盟的动机。本文是一篇留学生国际研究方向的Essay格式范文,主要内容是讲述为了在市场上建立传统的国际业务,商人们确实采用了不同的战略,目前使用的最常见和最新的战略之一是国际战略联盟。Essay范文中提到为了研究国际战略联盟的“动机”,对“动机”一词进行了系统的界定。Essay讨论了国际战略联盟的动机、优势和劣势以及它们如何在全球市场中获益的研究。以下是International Studies Essay格式范文的全部内容,供参考。




To establish traditional international business in the market, businessmen do apply different strategies and one of the most common and emerging strategies that are being used now is the international strategic alliance. To study the ‘motivation’ of international strategic alliance, it has been made to systematically define the term ‘motive’. This paper argues those studies of motivation of international strategic alliance, their advantages and disadvantages and how they are becoming beneficial in the global market place.
This paper is an initial step to understand the definition of motivation in terms of the international strategic alliance by using the firms that have used this strategy.

An alliance can be defined as a business to business collaboration. In an alliance two or more companies agree to work together to achieve a common goal while not losing their individuality.
Strategic alliance helps the both parties to gain the complementary strengths. Companies form alliances for joint marketing, joint sales or distribution, joint production, design collaboration, technology licensing and research and development. Strategic alliances have different forms, Contractual (non-equity- based) alliances (Alliances which are based on contracts and which do not involve the sharing of equity), Equity-based alliances (Strategic alliances which involves the use of equity), Cross-shareholding (Both partners invest in each other). ( Peng Mike W. Global Strategic Management, Second Edition, page 219)
One form of Equity-based strategic alliances is the joint venture. The formation of the alliance is rich and fragmented. One of the main reasons behind the collaboration is to gain the competitive advantages. According to Williamson “Intermediate asset specificity and low uncertainty are conditions that may lead to a preference for hybrid forms of governance structure over both arm’s length transactions and internalization” (Williamson, 1991).
Increasing the strategic alliances is one of the fastest trends in the business today and it is becoming an essential driver to grow for every industry. One of the main goals to form a relationship with other companies is strategic alliance where they combine the skills and expertise of the both companies and gain the cooperative venture. Then they enter the international market and share their costs.



The growing international marketing is becoming the norm in this time and these partnerships are leveraging the growth through alliances with international partners, where the both companies merge and gain the competitive advantage. They do it by licensing agreements, cross shareholder deals, cooperative arrangement and joint ventures. Rather than taking risks and wasting their time and investing a huge amount on of money for gaining this competitive advantage in business, they are entering the international markets by finding an appropriate alliance which is operating in the same market in another country. So they enter the market that they desire to enter and the main reason behind this is to share the knowledge, skills and expertise and also to gain the marketing advantage in the world. And it’s becoming another st